Calling all Public, Private, Charter and other School Health Team Leaders!!

Fellow School Nurses and School Health TeamMembers,


We are excited to share with you the 2016-2017 Step Up & Be Counted Survey. Please remember that this initiative is for all Georgia School Districts/Schools, including public, private, and charter schools.Remember, your data is important and it counts!


In this email you will find the following:


1.       Basic information about the Step Up & Be Counted initiative

2.       A link to the actual survey

3.       A link to the National Association of School Nurse website for further details

4.       Details about two $100 gift card drawings

5.       Tips for completing the survey


As highly skilled and dedicated professionals, we know the critical role of school nurses and school nursing services in ensuring that students are healthy, in school and ready to learn. We also know that our work, value and contributions to these goals are often unrecognized and underappreciated. Up-to-date and nationally comparable data is vital to identifying and clarifying our significant role in school health and student health outcomes.


In addition, uniform data collection at a state and national level, helps bring visibility to the health needs of students, highlighting the schools where we work, the community we care for, the nature of our practice and the outcomes of our care. Collecting and sharing data is one way to ascertain the resources school nurses and students need, and validates the role of school nurses in the support of these needs. Data also helps us tell our story!


The reported data will be categorized into three areas: school health staffing, chronic conditions and health office visits/dispositions. The data submitted from your school district will only be used in an aggregate form with other data from our state, and it will not be identifiable by student name, school, district or county. We hope all Georgia school nurses will Step Up and Be Counted by participating in this important initiative.


Please follow this link for the Georgia Step Up & Be Counted 2016-2017 survey:


For more information about the Step Up Be Counted campaign, as well as tips and tools, log on to NASN’s website:


*A special drawing will be held at the 2017 GASN Summer Conference for a $100 gift card for all districts/schools/systems that submit their data by June 1st. You do not have to be present to win!

The final date for data submission will be September 1, 2017! Additionally, a second $100 gift card will be drawn for all districts/schools/systems that submit their date by September 1, 2017.

Please follow these tips for completing the survey:

  1.  Do not guesstimate.
  2. Only one report should be submitted per district/county/system or school (private, parochial, charter).
  3. Do not count the same data in more than one category.
  4. Complete the survey in its entirety.
  5. If you do not have data for a question, enter "0".  Please do not leave any questions blank. 

Thank you for participating and ensuring your students are included in the state and national data set! If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Lynne Meadows (, Sara Kroening (, or Debbie King (

Thank you in advance for your participation.



Georgia Step Up Be Counted Task Force & GASN


Lynne P. Meadows, RN, MS
GASN State Director & State Data ChampionCoordinator,
Student Health Services,
Fulton County SchoolsSchool-Based Health Alliance Leadership Fellow

Debbie King, RN, BSN
Fayette County School Health Services Coordinator

Gail Smith, BSN, RN
Regional School Nurse Coordinator
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Krista Lowe, RN, BSN, MEd.
School Nurse Specialist
Georgia Department of Education

Kim Conley, RN, BSN
Lead School Nurse, Butts County Schools

Lisa Morrison, RN
Lead School Nurse, Glynn County Schools

JoAnn Harris, MSN, RN, AE-C
Lead School Nurse, DeKalb County Schools

Sara Kroening, RN, MSN, FNP-BC
Deputy Chief Nurse- School Health
Georgia Department of Public Health