Clark County Gets Approval for School Nurses in Every School

By:  Amy Roark, BSN, RN – Director of Nursing Services – Clark County School District

Clark County School Nurses

"Clarke County School District recently voted to hire enough nurses to place one in every school. See below for a brief write-up and photo of all 21 School Nurses! My hope is that other districts will take note and follow suit" explained,  Clarke County’s Director of Nursing Services, Amy Roark.

Athens, GA - The Clarke County School District continues to take steps to place student wellness at the forefront, with a recent initiative resulting in placing one nurse at each of the district’s 21 schools. The data-based proposal was drafted after school administrators, teachers and parents repeatedly expressed their wishes to have more nurses serving students, 80% of whom qualify for free and reduced lunch. Last year, the district employed 13 nurses, with two high schools and two elementary schools having full-time nurses. The proposal to increase nursing staff, which included a detailed cost analysis, was led by Director of Nursing Amy Roark, and was built around placing a full-time nurse in all four middle schools, and hiring an additional four part-time nurses to staff the elementary schools. A leader in K-12 wellness, then-Superintendent Philip Lanoue took the proposal a step further by recommending the hiring of a total of eight nurses to have the district fully staffed. The Clarke County School Board showed strong support, voting unanimously to approve the superintendent’s recommendation. The nurses were hired immediately and, today, all 21 nurses are in place, serving children every day in school clinics across the district.